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December 07, 2007

Christmas Teacher Gifts, Broken Blog Fury & Photo Contest

Any one still need any teacher/neighbor/ friend (random person you forgot) gifts? I hope so. I am offering a set of three supa-fab earrings, with a be-ribboned gift box for each, for only $25. That's right, Friends of Fussy, three Christmas gifts all for one price!




And each will come in a pretty box. (Imagine the ribbon in red & green.)


I have 10 sets left! Just send an email to [email protected]. I will send a paypal invoice which can be paid using paypal or any major credit card.    Thanks, y'all!

Oh, you noticed my highly infuriating design fart wee little blog mismatch. I am not quite sure what happened, I sold out  broke down needed money  placed Adsense on the blog, and now I want to cry my blog is absolutely ruined ~wah~ a wee-tad mismatched.

I feel just like this- Crying_girl_birds

Typepad will respond to my desperate pleas for help helpticket soon, I am sure. They'll fix whatever damage I have done! Don't give up on me, Friends of Fussy!

Now, Some fun webby eye-candy I found for ya'-

Have y'all seen the baby laughing at the Wii? I dig laughing babies.

And the "First Evah Photo Caption Contest"-

Leave your favorite captions for this one. We'll do a poll next week for the winnah!


See ya back on Sunday with my "Fussy Linkapalooza".

Love, Fussy

December 06, 2007

Jewelry Giveaway & Supa-Cute Pix


December's Operation Bling for Attention has arrived!

This month I am happy to offer my custom piece the Cherry Quartz Necklace.The winner will be drawn on Sunday, December 16th.

Here are the ways you can win-

  • Subscribe to my RSS feed.
  • Give a shout-out on your blog.
  • Add me to your blogroll.
  • Name your next child Fussy Fussypants.
  • Tattoo my cartoon Fussy on your left buttock.
  • Just ask to be added.

Don't forget to tell me in the comments just how you have entered. If you choose the tattoo route and send a photo -I will post it! ;)

Good luck to everyone!


I know y'all look forward to some eye-candy, and I always aim to please.

This cartoon from The New Yorker made me laugh. It is so twisted.


I love Here's a Dubya favorite.


This one is wild, from my Clipmarking buddy Blog.


And because I'm a sucker for cute animals...


Baby Hedgehogs! Say it together, "AWWWWW!"

Have a great day, Friends of Fussy.

Love, Fussy

December 05, 2007

Fussy's Secret to More Money & Healthy Kids


How I save money and feed the boys healthy food! 

  I used to never worry about what I fed my little swashbucklers. I always popped a Flintstones vitamin in their little hands after dinner.

Then, I had my third son, and learned he needed a specific diet to overcome his special needs. I learned about E.F.A.s and vitamins.

When Partyboy reached 2nd grade, I learned all I could about attention deficit (for lack of a better word). More E.F.A.s, eliminating Food dyes (artificial coloring), and the protein/carb. balance issue.

When I had my fourth son  I realized if I fed them all meat every night we are talking a $30.00 dinner. That cuts into my Household (***ahem*** Frappachino, make-up, magazines, ***ahem***) budget down to absolutely nothing down below what I like.

How could I feed a family with four boys, who all eat like starving pigs massive quantities of food, without going broke?

Cue the angel choir...                          


Barilla Pasta Plus


Oh, Yeah, Party People..... It's noodles every night. No Mommy Guilt.

Listen to me, Friends of Fussy, this stuff will change your life!

                               -As much protein as beef.

                               -As much Omega-3's as salmon

                              -Tons of fiber to boot.

                               -Kids can't tell the difference.


  I've saved enough to rock quite a few new outfits, too.


I love it with...

  • Newman's Own Sockaroni Marinara
  • Caesar Vinaigrette with Parmesan salad Dressing
  • Tossed with olive oil and Parmesan cheese
  • Mixed with cheese and broccoli

Here are some scrumptious recipes.

What is that sound I hear?

Oh, That's me -patting myself on the back. Healthy kids & saving money -all at the same time. Join in on my little secret, friends of Fussy, get your kids healthy and go buy yourself that Venti Mocha Frappachino -you deserve it!

*Hat-tip to Shannon at Rocks in my Dryer for the WFMW!*


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